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About us

Golf has become popular in recent years, as more individuals from all ages begin to take a liking to the sport through the influence of friends and media; awareness especially amongst the young is fast growing.

SingaGolf is committed to reach out to students to promote and expose them to the game of golf which is not commonly available in schools.


Programs are managed by PGA golf professionals along with experienced Instructors to share their expertise with the students and inculcate strong good values and life skills training that associate with golf, such as focus, patience, perseverance confidence, respect, honesty, integrity and sportsmanship.


Training are carried out at School premises and at Sembawang Country Club Golf Range/Course

The following Programme are endorsed under the Sports Education Programme:

Sports Exposure

Introduces the sport to masses during their school carnivals, post exam activities, open-houses and sports camps to convey fun, excitement and easy to play golf using swing nets and putting mats to expose them to the golf game aspects, gain knowledge and experience the skills and techniques involved in the swinging, chipping and putting. Inculcate life skills on focus and safety consciousness.


  • Fun with Golf (2hrs).

  • Golf Appreciation Programme (3hrs).

Sports Play

Structured to allow students to have a good exposure to the game and understand the basic golf swing fundamentals to enable them to enjoy the sport at recreational level.


Develops the young minds and inculcate a character that shows good sportsmanship, patience and care for others.

  • Let’s Golf (60mins/8 sessions).

  • Modular Golf (90mins/4 sessions).

  • Learn to Golf (90mins/5 sessions).

  • Learn 2 Golf (90mins/6 sessions).

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