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SingaGolf Courtesy Round


Courtesy Round / Handicap Test

SingaGolf members are required to attend a Courtesy Round (CR) before the award of a USGA Handicap Index (HI). A member of the Club’s Handicap Committee will conduct the CR to ensure that members possess a reasonable understanding of the rules of golf, are aware if the etiquette required during the game and possess golf skills commensurate with the HI awarded.


1. Pre-Requisites for the CR



To be eligible for the CR, candidates must have:


  • Attended and passed the workshop on golf rules and etiquette.

  • Passed a Proficiency Certificate (PC) test.

  • Submitted 10 x 9-holes scorecards or 5 x 18-holes scorecards to generate a HI.

  • to a maximum handicap index of 54.0 irregardless of gender.



The scorecards submitted must be from courses that meet the WHS Handicap System requirements:i.e. the course must have a valid WHS Course Rating and Slope Rating, and must be at least 1,350m for 9-holes or at least 2,700m for 18-holes.

For handicap posting purpose, the maximum score for each hole played is limited to a nett double bogey.
Scorecards from courses that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.
SingaGolf reserves the rights to reject any scorecard that is suspected to be not genuine.
SingaGolf reserves the rights to request for proof of play for the scorecards submitted as official documents.


2. Conduct of the CR


  • The CR will be conducted over 9-holes or alternatively it can also be done in the range / Simulator Room.

  • Candidates must show up 15 minutes before the appointed tee-off time. Any appearance after this time will be considered a major fault.

  • Golfing attire is T-shirt with collar, tailored pants, shorts or skirts (for ladies) and golfing shoes.

  • Rules and Etiquette: Failure to show basic etiquette is considered a major fault. Similarly failure to demonstrate understanding of a golf rule will be considered a major fault.

  • Golf Skills: Candidates must demonstrate a reasonable ball striking ability.


3. Qualifying Standards


  • To pass the Courtesy Round (CR) a candidate must not have two or more major faults.

  • The candidate must show a reasonable standard of play.

  • A candidate who meets the above requirements will be awarded a HI appropriate to base on the five scorecards submitted.

  • The Club will only then process the candidate HI, and it will feature in the next update of the Club’s handicap record.


4. Reconsideration of a CR


  • If a candidate does not qualify for WHS HI due to poor etiquette and/or poor understanding of rule of golf, he/she may be required to re-take the 9-holes test again before award of a HI.

  • If candidate does not pass due to lack of reasonable golfing skills, another CR can be requested for after 2 months. (Allow more training and course play), a new CR date will be given to candidate.


5. Cost of a CR


  • Individual – $110.00 (Exclude green and buggy fees).

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