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Proficiency Test Criteria for Golfers:

The following are to be carried out before the award of the PC to any golfer:



  • 1. Knowledge of the basic golf etiquettes and basic golf rules;

  • 2. Completed a 9 holes round at EGC and assessed on:


    • The ability to hit the golf ball with sufficient accuracy and consistency.

    • To keep pace of play during a round of golf;

    • Practical application of the basic golf rules and observance.


  • 3. Completed a Rules Theory Test of 25 multiple choice questions with at least 70% passing score;

  • 4. Attain the following skills proficiency:


    • Able to hit a minimum distance of 70 meters;

    • Chip to the green with control of height and accuracy;

    • Play out of bunker, observing the bunker rules;

    • Able to putt from 3 meters in no more than 2 strokes.


Upon attending the PC Test and the Rules Workshop, the junior golfer will be issued the PC from SingaGolf, an associate member of the Singapore Golf Association (SGA).

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