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SingaGolf  is an associate member of Singapore Golf Association with effect from 1st April 2013.
Hence, is authorised and licensed to issue the WHS Handicap Index to golfers, focusing on membership and providing opportunity for members to qualify and maintain the WHS Handicap Index and built networks amongst members and business associates.

Procedure to get WHS Handicap Index :


1) Required documents:-


Submit our application form together with 1 passport size colour photograph.
Submit 3 Score cards of 18 holes or 6 Score cards of 9 holes to obtain the Handicap Index that generate a HI of at least 54 for men and Ladies / Juniors.
Attend the Rules and Etiquettes workshop and wait for Courtesy Round to be arranged by our office. 


2) Courtesy Round:-


Courtesy Round (CR) is important and compulsory in order to obtain a Handicap Index. In this test round, a golfer will be tested for his ‘ball striking’ ability and overall knowledge of golf’s rules & regulations and more importantly his/her golfing etiquette. 
The management will assign one of our Committee members or appointed golf professional to conduct the CR on 9 holes only.
If successful, the Handicap Index will be issued to you on the following month.


3) Qualifying Standards:-


You must demonstrate a reasonable ball striking ability.
You must be well-versed with golf etiquettes/rules and to keep a good pace of play.


Fees for WHS Handicap Maintenance.
SingaGolf Membership & WHS Handicap Maintenance.


Ordinary Membership rates as follows:


Golf Handicap Maintenance                                                    1 Year            2 Years

Adult  (Age 19 years – 54 years old)                                           $ 190.00        $ 340.00

Junior (Age 18 years and below)                                                 $ 100.00        $ 190.00

Senior (Age 55 years and above)                                                 $ 140.00        $ 220.00


Renewal Golf Handicap Maintenance                                     1 Year

Adult   (Age 19 years – 54 years old)                                          $ 150.00

Junior (Age 18 years and below)                                                 $ 100.00

Senior (Age 55 years and above)                                                 $ 120.00


* Automobile Members – Promotional Rate.

Current Members of AA and their immediate family.

Adult (Age 19 years – 54 years old)                                                                  $ 130.00

Junior (Age 18 years and below)                                                                       $ 100.00


Handicap Courtesy Round Fees                                                                   $ 110.00

(Inclusive of Testing Fees, NOT inclusive of Green Fees.)


Proficiency Certification (PC) -1 year                                                           $   65.00


Golfers Insurance (1 year) click here                                                           $   30.00

Subsidized Partially by SingaGolf.

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