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The program is designed specifically for those, who have little or no experience in playing the game, to understand the basic fundamentals, which involves the use of body muscles and correct techniques, to swing the clubobjectively to hit the ball. Trainings are conducted on progressive learning on individuals’ ability to grasp the learning points.


  • Learn the basic skills required and enjoy golf with a good understanding on its rules and etiquettes.

  • Learn all about golf equipment and be skilled in the fundamentals of the golf swing, putting and chipping.

  • Develop practice routines with correct posture and swing techniques.

  • Prepare and build confidence to play on the course.

  • Learn the rules and proper etiquettes for the course play.

  • Eliminate confusions resulting from “myths” you may have been told.

  • Attain a Proficiency Certification (PC).


The program is tailored for individuals to understand the swing mechanics and the application of principles to further enhance their playing abilities and re-fine their basics to improve their scoring through good course management and all round game aspects. 


  • Helps you learn and to apply correct fundamentals to all parts of your game.

  • In-depth understanding on your short & long game aspects and its specific physical challenges required. (Playing on difficult lies and undulating grounds)

  • Enhance a strong mental approach towards improving on your game play and excel further to prepare for a ‘Handicap Test’.

Advance Level

Sharpen your skills and achieve the goals you’ve been aiming with low scores of your ability. Play at a higher skill level by working with the Pro who will evaluate and improve your entire game.


  • Become more precise with short game and putting.

  • Be more consistent in your long game.

  • Improve your bunker play and bemore skillful in "trouble" situations.

  • Improve your course management.

  • Improve your pre-shot "routine", mental approach and play better under pressure.

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