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Dear SingaGolf Members,

Issuance of Membership / Handicap Card

As part of our commitment to protect members' data and in compliance with the regulations under the Personal Data Protection Act(PDPA), we have replaced all our members existing SingaGolf Handicap membership cards displaying your new membership number in place of your NRIC/FIN number.


We will cease issuing physical cards for all renewals/new sign-ups with immediate effect as the SingaGolf membership e-card will work just like the physical card. This means more space for your wallet, lesser worry about misplacing and having the convenience. However, we will continue to issue the physical card upon request on a case to case basis. 





To provide professional and quality golf programs, with family oriented activities beyond our members’ expectations and consistently strive to improve to do our best to meet customer satisfaction.


To nurture and groom golfers to enjoy golf with interest and develop good sportsmanship through various golfing activities. To create opportunities for individuals and families to embark on a lifelong golfing experiences. Be a platform for families and friends to have greater bonding and networking.

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